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Fancy is a wholesaler of high level Furniture and home accesories with an unique design.

Established in 1950 is a real family business that defends values such as authenticity, originality and quality.

With a collection of more 3000 items , Fancy creates a full concept in Home Decoration.

Every Year we present more than 300 new items

We are selling in more than 65 countries around the world with several thousand retailers.

Our showroom is opened all the year on appointment only

We have a warehouse of 15.000 m2 with 90 % of our collection in stock all the year. We can prepare and deliver directly after getting customer’s orders.

We present our new collection 2 times a year in our showroom of 1200 m2 and 2 times a year at Maison & Objets in Paris.


What is the objective of Fancy ?

On the one hand Fancy wants to let their customers dream and on the other hand Fancy want to let them know that buying furniture is the same as allowing themselves a pleasure.

Fancy who likes to use the talent of local artists, collects objects and ideas all over the world and take care of their product’s quality.

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